dreamstime_xxl_18808192Whether you need brake service, transmission repair, or wheel alignment, you never want to put off car repair. We know that car repairs can be an expensive endeavor, even if you find a great local mechanic with more-than-reasonable prices (an auto shop like Elite, for instance!). But you certainly don’t want to put off your car repairs, because doing so can lead to a host of problems.

Take Care of Small Repairs Early

It’s easy to put off basic maintenance and the smaller repairs. After all, your car is still getting you from place to place, the “check engine light” isn’t on, the brakes aren’t causing you to wince every time you come to a stop. But getting regularly-scheduled maintenance on your vehicle can prevent these things from happening in the first place. After all, you want to…

Avoid Major Breakdowns

Whether you bring your car in for basic maintenance or you’re responding to small problems, in the end you’re helping your car avoid major breakdown. Having your oil changed can prevent you from ending up stranded at the side of the road. Having those squeaky brakes replaced now can prevent a crash when that car ahead of you stops suddenly. You local mechanic can prevent those small problems that turn into big ones.

If You’re Going To Put Something Off…

auto repair 1…put off new car payments! No matter how much basic repairs cost, it’s still going to be a lot cheaper than paying for a new car. Get that oil changed and you’ll lengthen the life of your engine. Fix that tiny transmission problem now and you can prevent your transmission going out. Big problems like these are the ones that make people give up on their old care entirely, which means new car payments are in their future.

Taking care of your car just a little can prevent some of the biggest problems. At the first sign of trouble, bring it in Elite Automotive Repair!