Just about every person out there reading this blog has had wheel alignment performed at some time or another. The fact is, many of you out there have paid for wheel alignment and had absolutely no idea what it is! Is it necessary, or just a way for mechanics to get extra money? Believe us, it’s definitely necessary. Let’s take a deeper look.

What Is It?

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting wheels so that they are properly aligned according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. There are two reasons why proper wheel alignment is important. First of all, it reduces uneven wear on tires. Tires should wear as evenly as possible, because uneven wear can cause a tire to become overly worn in a small area, which means you’ll be buying new tires long before you need them. Second, wheel alignment ensures that your car doesn’t pull too much in one direction.

Why Does My Car Need It?

wheel-alignmentCars can need alignment adjustments for a number of reasons. One common reason is any type of collision, especially one that hit the vehicle from the side. Another reason is road condition; if you have hit an unusually high amount of pot holes, you might need to have your wheels aligned. The thousands of tiny bumps that your car hits over months can also affect wheel alignment, which leads us to …

How Often Should It Be Checked?

Alignment should be checked every year or so. You should also have it checked after any of the damaging conditions mentioned in the second point above. The good thing is, having your alignment checked could save you so much money down the road by saving you on tire replacement.

Proper tire alignment is a regular part of car maintenance that you shouldn’t ignore. If you believe it’s time to have your car checked out by our auto shop, set up an appointment today!